U11's Goals 2010-2011

Through out the every football season a record is kept of goals scored and clean sheets achieved.

U11's 2010-2011 Player Stats

Goals ScoredPlayer NameSquad NumberYellow CardsRed Cards
GOALZ 52 Goughy 
GOALZ 24 Ols 11 
GOALZ 15 Danny 
GOALZ 13 Dazzo 
GOALS 9 Jaytee 
GOALS 9 Lewwy 10 
GOALS 9 Sheers 12 
GOALS 6 Wilffy 
GOALS 5 Els 
GOALS 2 Powler 13 
GOALS 2 Hayche 
GOALS 0 Meds 
GOALS 0 Azzo 
Troyster NEW 
Jimster NEW 
Braderz NEW 
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U11's Goalkeeper Clean Sheets & Stats 2010-2011 Season

Squad NumberGoalKeeper NameGoals AgainstGames WonClean Sheets
Azzo (SUB) 
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