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Withington Pitch Inspection

posted 28 May 2011, 15:19 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 20:25 ]
Dean visited a 9v9 pitch today at Withington. FC Phoenix are looking for a home pitch for our 2011-2012 season. The ground was next to the Withington Parish Hall and the first impression was it was very modern and quite impressive looking. They have obviously put a lot of thought into the setup of the facilities and would be ideal for children with lots of playing space.
On the grounds they have put a 7v7 and a 9v9 pitch. All the area had been recently sowed with grass seed which had taken quite well although still a little thin and patchy and in need of some rain. Both pitches are marked out already and underground drainage had been placed under the pitches they said.
Although this 9v9 pitch would be available to us if we want to rent it, their plans are to setup their own team. Already registered now as Withington Junior Football Club it was made clear to them that we are FC Phoenix and thats the way we will be staying. Apart from all their hard work and effort, it is very clear both pitches have quite a steep incline and has no trees acting as possible wind barriers so the wind could blow against the players whilst running up hill. With this in mind we must imagine how hard it would be to play on and must consider this when deciding. Any questions please ask Dean.