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Under 12 Football Cup Final at Edgar Street

posted 13 May 2012, 00:43 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 13 May 2012, 07:17 ]

FC Phoenix v Pegasus Juniors
Venue: Hereford United's Edgar Street Ground. KO:10am 12th May 2012 

Congratulations to FC Phoenix under 12's for winning the Edgar Street final against Pegasus Juniors 1-0 on 12th May 2012. The under 12's final was the first of many finals to be held at Edgar Street this weekend and a good start it was too!

FC Phoenix were happy before they entered the ground because this was to be the first time using the Hereford United home dressing room, several times they've been in the away dressing room and we know it's not a big thing but it was certainly a boost to the players. Everything was well organised by the Herefordshire officials and ran smoothly for everybody. A team talk in the dressing room followed by the usual professional warm up proved to be the ice breaker as everybody settled into their role well. After the warm up followed another chat in the changing room before the bell rang to get ready. The excitement was certainly growing as all the players lined up in the hallway waiting to be called and everybody was given instructions whilst the referee checked for no jewellery and suitable boot studs. Then entering the field was where it all became real as the fans cheered everybody onto the pitch.

All the players, managers, coaches and officials lined up on the pitch to shake hands before the players proceeded with their confidence boosting huddle. The huddle only usually done by FC Phoenix was also done by Pegasus Juniors today. "Phoenix" was shouted by the boys, the subs sat in the dug out and the players got into position.

The first half was by far the better half for FC Phoenix and they dominated the half after a slow 5 minute start. The passing wasn't as great as it normally is as Pegasus put on the pressure but this was expected. The line up to start was a tactical plan as a couple of the usual team starters sat on the bench waiting for their chance to make a difference.

The starting line up:
* Meds (goal keeper)
* Powler (defence) * Wilffy (defence) * Braderz (defence)
* Ols (midfield) * Tommo (midfield) * Dazzo (midfield) * Troyster (midfield)
* Lewwy (striker)
Subs: * Gouphy * Sheers * Jimster * Jaytee * Azzo

The first half was a battle and FC Phoenix deservedly got a goal. An exquisite pass from Lewwy knocked on by Pegasus set up Ols who slotted the ball away. Well done to Lewwy for finding Ols whilst under pressure and well done to Ols for keeping his focus and hitting the ball into the net!

The second half was also a battle and Pegasus were certainly looking stronger. A few mistakes were forced upon FC Phoenix as the game changed. A well placed back pass from Wilffy to Meds saw the dependable FC Phoenix keeper slip onto his butt and everybody had their stomach in their mouths as the ball trickled inches past the post to go out for a corner! Luckily for FC Phoenix, Pegasus must have been convinced the ball was going in as they all stood and watched in disbelief. It was mentioned by several players after the game that the game was made difficult with the full size goals sat behind the 9v9 goals and this would explain why we had more balls in the full size net instead of the 9v9 goal. This was also considered to be the reason why Pegasus stopped during the pass back because it looked as though it was clearly going in.

This game finished 1-0 for an FC Phoenix win and congratulations go out to them and to Pegasus for creating such a good final. WELL DONE!!!