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Portishead Football Tournament

posted 13 Jun 2011, 13:44 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 20:22 ]
FC Phoenix U11's finished their wet day at the Gordano Valley Giants Junior Football Club Tournament in Portishead with a Semi Final. After winning their group a quarter final was made to look very difficult. A game that looked all in FC Phoenix's favour finally finished in a 1-1 draw but recovery was successful with five successful penalties and an excellent save. The day was completed by what was thought to be the easiest game of the tournament but had an unhappy result.
The lads played very well from start to finish, although the conditions were very poor and fatigue set in early with very wet and cold legs. It was a surprise that the tournament went ahead after twelve hours of rain. A lot of players went home after the coaches thought it was in the best interests for everybody to give it a miss. Yet with a group of eight players and parents who decided they didn't want to go home and did want to tackle the forces of nature, it was going to go ahead with the one team of eight players that was played as Phoenix Yellows.
First impressions were limited and initial difficulty finding the field proved to be an issue. Once found by everybody, it was a slippery drive into the field with large amounts of thick mud. Sudden thoughts were that this was going to be a bad idea but after parking, we found the pitches still in quite good condition. Plastic goals surrounded the field and along with the corner flags they marked out the pitches because no pitch markings were anywhere to be seen. After team registration, the Gordano Valley Giants Junior Football Club registration team managed to mix up the groups as another team hadn't turned up as well as our second side. Initially we thought we were registered as FC Phoenix but later found we were changed to Phoenix Yellows and Group D was reduced to two teams, of which after one game the winning side who proved to be our semi final downfall side had actually made it into the quarter finals.
It was a good day in the end, even though it was cold and wet and that we've never played competetive games without pitch markings before! Well done to all that played! And well done to the referees who couldn't see where any of the touch lines were or goal areas or the centre circle or goal lines or penalty spots! It probably wasn't the fault of the referee in our quarter final that he started the game a third of the way further into our half after we scored the first goal! And it probably wasn't the referees fault that he couldn't see that we had a player about fifteen feet in the opponents half still when he blew the whistle for kick off! It probably wasn't the referees fault that when he started the game back up, he didn't realise our goalkeeper was nowhere near his goal line because he didn't have one and we had just picked an injured player up off the floor! Although the game was rectified by winning on penalties, it would have been more hurtfull if we had been knocked out through no fault of our own.
Anyway, it's no good moaning, we played some great football so a very well done lads. Oh and did I mention there was no pitch markings???