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Hereford United Congrats

posted 2 Jun 2011, 14:23 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 20:24 ]
Congratulations must go out to four of Meredith's Merry Men as Hereford United have offered Els, Wilffy, Meds and Jimster the chance to join their development program. These four hard working footballers joined the trials held by John Layton the head of the Hereford United youth program and his team of coaches. They impressed enough to get the offer they longed for and will have the pleasure of playing for Hereford United in the Midlands League next season. The Midlands League has a very good standard of football and we're sure the boys skills can only improve and their football developement should only get better!
On top of this, additional pats on the back for four lads from our team who have been selected to represent Hereford United at the International Welsh Super Cup in Cardiff. The training facility in Cardiff will be played on at the 2012 Olympic Games and players such as Lional Messi and Gareth Bale could well be preparing to represent their countries at the summer Olympics on the very same turf as these boys participating in the 2011 Welsh Super Cup. These four lads are Jaytee, Jimster, Ols and Bradster and if that wasn't enough to congratulate them on, Troyster and Ols have been given a second chance to trial for Hereford United and Jaytee and Bradster have made it into Hereford's shadow squad for the forthcoming 2011-2012 season.
We would like to wish all the boys who were sucessful, CONGRATULATIONS.
For all those lads who took part in the trials and were unsuccessful, I would like to say well done but don't be too upset about it. This doesn't mean you're not good enough it just means in the opinions of the Hereford United coaches, you're not what they're looking for at the moment. More chances may happen in the future and if you work hard, keep fit and improve all the time then who's to say they might even give you another chance to impress. Hereford United are not the only professional club who might be looking for players, Danny has his chance at Cheltenham Town next season so congratulations to him as well, he has often been a Tallisman for FC Phoenix and has often been referred to as our Steven Gerrard. West Bromwich AlbionShrewsbury Town and Bristol City have also welcomed some of our boys with open arms over the last few seasons but the same as Hereford, they have their opinions also and they don't always think the same and each club is looking for something different. So keep your heads up, work hard and enjoy your football as you've got years ahead of you!