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Fownhope F.C. Annual 6 A-Side Tournament 2012

posted 13 Jun 2012, 12:51 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 13 Jun 2012, 14:51 ]
Held on Saturday 16th June 2012 and Sunday 17th June 2012. As the same as previous Fownhope tournaments it will be held over 2 days and it's likely to be in excess of 100 teams from Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and Wales. Last year it was very competitive and FC Phoenix had two teams in the final. This year that isn't likely to happen as the under 12's have only one team entered and they're in the older age group so we know it's sure to be a big test for the lads!

On Saturday 16th June 2012 the following age groups play at these times:

Boys     Under 9         Start  10:00am
Boys     Under 11 Start  10:20am
Boys     Under 13 Start  10:40am
Boys     Under 15 & 16 Start  11:00am

On Sunday 17th June 2012 the following age groups play at these times:

Boys     Under 8’s Start 10:00am (non-competitive)
Boys     Under 10’s Start 10:20am
Boys     Under 12’s Start  10:40am
Boys     Under 14’s Start  11:00am
Girls     Under 12’s Start  11:20am
Girls     Under 14’s Start  11:20am

Fownhope Football Club. Malt House Field, Capler Lane, Fownhope, Hereford, Herefordshire

Fownhope Football Club 6 A-Side Rules

1.     Each squad can consist of up to 9 players with 6 players and 3 substitutes.
        The squad must be handed to the organisers 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.
2. During the game substitutions will be allowed. Substituted players will be allowed to return to the field of play. 
3. Players may only play for a single team on each day of the tournament.
4. Teams must be available for kick off at least 5 minutes before the game.
5. Where the referee decides there is a colour clash the first named team will change.
6. There will be no off side.
7. The points system will be as follows; 3 points for a win 1 point for a draw.

If in the final analysis of the league positions, more than one team has the same points, the following order; will decide the team, which enters the next stage of the competition.
a) The Team with the best mean goal difference per games played
b) The mean number of goals scored for per games played
c) How they performed against each other
d) How they performed against the highest placed opponent
e) Toss of a coin

8. The duration will be 7 minutes each way and 3 minutes each way for extra time in the knock out stages.
9. In the knock out stages a penalty shootout will decide the winner if the score is the same after extra time.
        Initially, 3 penalties will be taken and after if necessary a penalty shoot out will decide the winner.
10. There will be no half time intervals.
11. Teams not ready for the start of the game at the appropriate time will forfeit the game
        3 points will be awarded to the opposition and a 0 - 0 result will be recorded.
12. The referee shall be the sole arbiter on the points of dispute on the fields of play
        The referee will empower the rules governing 6 a side football and the best interests of all concerned.
13. If a player is sent off he will be able to continue in the tournament unless it is for violent conduct.
        Players and managers please note; all bookings and sending offs will be dealt with by the H.F.A as normal.
14. With the exception of the rule above the laws of the association football will apply.
15. In all matters arising that are not specifically covered the ‘Organising Committee’ decision will be final.
16. The first named team must provide the match ball.
17. All players must have been registered with their particular team the previous season or the agreement of the “Organising Committee” must be sought prior to their participation. Such requests will normally be approved and the player/s will be able to play in the tournament.