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FC Phoenix v FC Phoenix

posted 20 Jun 2011, 14:55 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 20:21 ]
Well done to all the FC Phoenix boys at the Fownhope Tournament 2011. Phoenix was split down the middle into two teams on 18th June 2011 with one team of seven in blue and the other seven in yellow. Everybody hoped both teams would reach the final but unfortunately the blues and yellows faced each other in the semi final.
The whole tournament was a success although long waiting times between games eventually put a lot of pressure on the boys and it's not very often we here them say that they can't wait to get home! The weather held out well which made it a pleasant long day. Some quality sides played some very entertaining football with a few local sides putting the pressure on as well as teams from Newtown and Fleur de Lys.
Phoenix Blues managed to win all their opening matches to finish top of the group and Phoenix Yellows would have finished top if their goal difference hadn't been blemished by Pegasus Juniors. Well the hardest game of the tournament had to be the semi final where the badge on their shirts became less important than the colour. The battle commenced with every player working so hard to win. If a player went down from a knock then he rose again with pride.
Eventually the Yellows managed a goal and a cracker it was too! This put them into the final with the 2010-11 league winners Pegasus Juniors. The semi final had set a great pace for Phoenix and they kept it up with a well deserved 3-0 win.
After the final both teams had to wait around for nearly 45 minutes for an older age group to finish before the presentation could take place. It was a good day and we appreciated the hospitality from Fownhope Football Club. We hope that next year they shorten the day a little and especially avoid younger teams having to wait around, when all they want to do is finish the day on a high and not completely exhausted.
Again well done to both blues and yellows, they had a great day and should be proud to be from FC Phoenix!