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Bartestree Juniors U12 v FC Phoenix U12

posted 23 Nov 2011, 14:44 by Dean Johnston   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 20:14 ]
 Bartestree Juniors U12’S v FC Phoenix U12’s

 Sunday 30th October 2011 Away Game KO 10.30am


This has always been an entertaining fixture as Bartestree Juniors used to be Phoenix Juniors so a lot of rivalry remains between the sides. This game was no exception as both sides clearly wanted the win.

Only nine boys turned up for training during the week and although a couple had perfect excuses it had to be made clear that those who trained would start the game. The starting nine players didn’t disappoint us either; they were by far the better team on the pitch and kept Bartestree Juniors in their own half for most of the game. It must be noted that the young referee managed the game very well and this is important with this fixture as it means so much to everybody. We don’t have his permission to publish his name but if he reads this he will know that FC Phoenix thought he deserved a pat on the back.

Goal chances came again and again for FC Phoenix but they did struggle to put the ball in the net. This has been a regular story just lately and it must be because of the change of pitch but persistence prevails. All the players who played should be proud of their performance yet the work rate, determination and the two goals off Lewwy won us the game. Lewwy started slow in the first half but made up for it when he came back on in the second half. We should also have had a third goal; an exquisite free kick direct at goal from Jaytee was given offside by the linesman even though it was a shot. Their keeper failed to hold onto the ball then dropped it into the net but the whistle had blown for a free kick to Bartetree Juniors.

A goal came from Bartestree Juniors late on and nearly followed by a second. A couple of defensive mistakes let them in for the first but was rectified to prevent the second along with a sharp Meds in goal.

By the FC Phoenix Reporter