U11 Stirling League Table

Herefordshire Stirling Under 11 Junior Football League table. Home, away & overall league results for the 2011/12 football season. Games played & table information has been updated and including on 13th June 2012.

1Ledbury Swifts Rovers U11201000811181155
2Bartestree U1120811622143345
3Ross Juniors Royals U1120730514124440
4Lads Club Bulls U1120802514131640
5Credenhill U1120802415121737
6Kington Town U1120712325103733
7Ross Juniors Colts U112063130793830
8Ledbury Swifts United U1120415316721123
9Bartestree Juniors U112010920830179
10Eardisley Werewolves U112010920830179
11Gorsley Village U11200010001000200
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